You have a lot of reasons for a security system

 Some are obvious, some are not. Some are more important than others.The fact is, peace of mind is invaluable for you and your family. Correct Fire & Security gives you that peace of mind whether you're away on vacation for a month or just settling in for the night. 

Did You Know?

You may be eligible for a BIG discount on your home insurance after you install a security system. 

Check with your insurer for details. 

Protection 24/7

With a state of the art fire/security and monitoring system from Correct Fire & Security, you can close your eyes with the assurance that you and yours are protected to the best of your ability. 

We offer 24 Hour residential & commercial monitoring. camera system, card access systems ad much more ....

"We help you sleep peacefully".

Did You Know?

Many older smoke detectors were manufactured using a technology that incorporated radioactive materials. 

It may be time to upgrade your detector to a model that is safer for your family and the environment. 

If you see this symbol inside or on the reverse of your detector, it's time to upgrade! 


How old are your Smoke Alarms?

Smoke alarms don't last forever. 

After TEN YEARS all smoke alarms need to be replaced with new ones.

Call Correct Fire & Security to arrange for a service call to replace the smoke detectors that are part of your security system.

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